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Undergraduate education

    Undergraduate education

  • Prevention of Medicine

            欧洲杯赌注app System System:五年

            Government degree: Bachelor of Medicine

            Prevention medicine is based on the "environment-crowd-health" mode, Taking the crowd as the research object, Taking prevention as the leading thought, Use modern medical knowledge and method, Res欧洲杯赌注appearch the environment of the environment on health, Clarify the external environmental factors and the health of the crowd...

  • Sanitary inspection and quarantine major

            System System:四年

            Government degree: Bachelor of Science

            Sanitary inspection and quarantine is an important part of health prevention work, is to protect nature、 Prevention and control disease、 Important links to ensure human health, 欧洲杯赌注apprefers to the environment、食品、 Cosmetics、 Building materials and biological materials related to occupational diseases...

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