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Graduate Education

    Graduate Education

  • Public Health and Prevention Medicine First -level Master Discipline

    Public Health and Preventive Medicine First -level Master of Disciplines: This subject is 欧洲杯赌注appbased on "Environment -Cross -Health", Taking the crowd as the research object, Use modern medical knowledge and methods to study environmental factors (including natural environment and living living environment、 Production environment、 Learning environment、 Social Environment and Nutrition and Food) On the health of the people 欧洲杯赌注appand the interaction between different factors and the body。 Sanitary inspection...

  • Social Medicine and Health Management Management 2 Master of Disciplines

    Master of Social Medicine and Health Management: Master of Discipline Points: Social Medicine and Health Management is biological、心理、 Social medicine 欧洲杯赌注appmodel is based, Society、 Community and their health institutions、 Personnel is the main research object, Social Science、 Theoretical and methods of management science are applied to clinical medicine、 In the field of prevention of medicine and hygiene management。 This subject is medical and social science、 Management Department...

  • 欧洲杯赌注appMaster of Public Health

    Master of Public Health (MPH): MPH education is centered on sanitary problems that are urgently needed by society, Pay attention to putting public health education and government decision -making institutions、 Hygiene legislative agencies and health administrative agencies closely in contact, Emphas欧洲杯赌注appize teaching practice link, Taught both the knowledge of preventive medical theory and cultivating management skills。 Management of health care、 Disease prevention and control、 Environmental health effect and evaluation、 Nutrition and food...

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